30th Anniversary of the Brand Evi Style

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30th Anniversary of the brand Evi Style

Established in 1986, the name Evi Style is an homage of the founder Francesco Mandruzzato to his wife Evelyn.

Born as a subcontractor for several major lighting brands, Evi Style is now a well-known brand within the field of indoor lighting, managed by the three brothers Maurizio, Stefano and Francesca Mandruzzato.
Since 1991, thanks to Maurizio and Stefano’s foresight, Evi Style has started to produce and sell its first products: Veio lamp is the first, in line with the ” poor art ” style of the furniture of those years. It was born thanks to a new manufacturing process in the market, the galvanic oxidation of the brass , with the result of a material pleasing to the sight and velvety to the touch.
After the excellent public feedback, the company has extended this kind of manufacturing process to other 12 collections: chandeliers, pendant, ceiling, floor and table lamps.
They were the boom years for this kind of products: Evi Style has continued to produce brass lamps and has also expanded the production to the wrought iron, exporting to USA, Middle East, Far East and Europe.
In 1992 the three brothers Mandruzzato became the owners of Evi Style, which increased the proposals in the catalog, always keeping a classic and elegant style which has characterized the brand since its foundation. The company has passed the first generational handover always maintaining the family character.
In 2006 Luci Italiane was founded. This new company has combined the other two companies Morosini and Evi Style , dividing the two brands for catalog, style, character and market.
In 2007 the turning point in production. Evi Style abandons the traditional classical production and begins to experiment with new innovative materials on collections of classic inspiration but with a more contemporary style . Among the best sellers you find the collections : Groove, Gadora, Memoria, San Marco, Tears and Vintage .
Thanks to its know-how and a long collaboration with young and talented famous Italian and foreign designers, Evi Style, produces entirely Made in Italy and exports the products mainly to Russia, Europe, Middle East, US and Australia.